claim 1-5, 11-26が無効査定された、と。

6. A client system for ordering an item comprising:

an identifier that identifies a customer;
a display component for displaying information identifying the item;
a single-action ordering component that in response to performance of only a single action, sends a request to a server system to order the identified item, the request including the identifier so that the server system can locate additional information needed to complete the order and so that the server system can fulfill the generated order to complete purchase of the item; and
a shopping cart ordering component that in response to performance of an add-to-shopping-cart action, sends a request to the server system to add the item to a shopping cart.
7. The client system of claim 6 wherein the display component is a browser.

8. The client system of claim 6 wherein the predefined action is the clicking of a mouse button.

9. A server system for generating an order comprising:

a shopping cart ordering component; and
a single-action ordering component including:
a data storage medium storing information for a plurality of users;
a receiving component for receiving requests to order an item, a request including an indication of one of the plurality of users, the request being sent in response to only a single action being performed; and
an order placement component that retrieves from the data storage medium information for the indicated user and that uses the retrieved information to place an order for the indicated user for the item; and
an order fulfillment component that completes a purchase of the item in accordance with the order placed by the single-action ordering component.
10. The server system of claim 9 wherein the request is sent by a client system in response to a single action being performed.

うーん、claim 6-10でワンクリックな通販システム作れそうな気がするなあ。
Claim 1-5, Claim 11-26との差異の検討が必要な気がするが、米国特許真面目に読んだことないからちょっと時間かかりそうだな(;´Д`)